Background Checks

Due to the rapid turnover experienced in many industries today, companies find themselves putting people they hardly know into safety and security sensitive jobs. Protect your company by making background checks a part of your hiring and promoting process. To order any of the background checks below, please log in or sign up. 


County Criminal Package

Includes National Social Security Search and (1) County Criminal History

Instant Criminal Check

Includes National Social Security Search and a National Criminal Acxess

TRUSST Multi-County Check

Includes National Social Security Search and a County Criminal History for every county returned within the past seven years. Using the SSN trace in conjunction with criminal search yields an objective source from which to determine candidates

Executive Search

TRUSST SSN, National Criminal Database, Education Verification (up to 2), Employment Verification (up to 3), Character References (up to 3), Sex Offender Search, and OFAC Terrorist Watch List.

A la Carte

National Social Security Search

Returns residencies and history for the past seven years.

County Criminal History

Law enforcement officials report charges resulting from arrests on felony, misdemeanor, and other offenses at the county court level. This means that county records are generally the most comprehensive, complete, and accurate records.

Statewide Criminal History

Records will be checked utilizing individual repositories for each state. These state databases are typically maintained by State Police agencies. The often contain records from each individual county within that state. Some states maintain very accurate databases, while others are a little spotty.

Federal Criminal History

Federal court records will show cases filed by the United States Government for those that have broken Federal Criminal law. These offenses may include mail fraud, interstate drug trafficking, civil rights violations, counterfeiting, etc. Since this list is limited to federal offenses it is recommended that a federal criminal record search be conducted in conjunction with either a county or statewide history.

Credit Check

An employment credit report let's you know an applicant's level of financial responsibility. This search provides a trend report detailing an applicant's ability to meet regular financial obligations as well as pertinent public records such as collection agencies, lawsuits or judgements, identification information, former addresses, and past employment. We support the Fair Credit Reporting Act and conduct all searches in accordance with this act to protect the legal rights of all applicants at all times.

Employment Verification

Provides direct contact with previous employers to confirm work history which includes dates of hire and termination, job title, and rehire eligibility. You would be surprised at the number of applicants that lie about previous work experience. History is said to repeat itself, so this information from previous employers and co-workers is extremely valuable when compiling a complete profile of your applicant.

Education Verification

Confirms educational credentials through direct contact with educational facilities. This provides you with a complete and accurate history to aid in determining the applicant's qualification, position, and salary.

Driving History (MVR)

Checks driving history, includes a 3 year history of speeding, reckless driving, accidents, driving under the influence, and revoked or suspended licenses.

Personal References

References provided by applicants will be verified and contacted directly.

Sex Offender Search

Includes National Social Security Search and (1) County Criminal History

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