Drug Free Workplace

We love our communities and the quality of life that exists here!

It is plainly obvious that the advent of widespread drug use in the 20th century has changed the way we do business. Did you know that up to 70% of drug abusers are employed? Even more importantly, HALF of all workplace injuries involve substance abuse!* Recent trends indicate that illicit drug abuse is becoming an increasing problem in our workplaces and within our communities.

Our Drug-free Workplace (DFW) programs are designed to pro-actively maintain that quality of life we all love. DFW programs have repeatedly shown that they reduce work related injuries, violence, theft, and employee turnover.  They also result in increased productivity, safety, and overall morale! The best thing about our DFW programs is that we create a positive atmosphere where your company and employees work together rather than at odds with each other to make our state a better place to do business and raise a family.

*U.S. Dept of Labor

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